Partners Overview


Health Builders (known in Rwanda as the Access Project) is Rwanda Works’ key partner in health strategy implementation. While RW builds critical health infrastructure, it works collaboratively with Health Builders to improve and strengthen health systems.

The Health Builders team works on the challenges that most donors would rather avoid, addressing the debilitating systemic conditions that prevent a health center from functioning effectively. Health Builders tackles deficiencies in a range of domains, from finance management to human resources and drug procurement. Many health centers often function with limited under-trained staff and inadequate running water or electricity, yet are expected to deliver care to communities of 25,000 people or more. Health Builders helps create efficiently run, economically viable health centers. Current humanitarian assistance and foreign aid efforts largely address the symptoms of poverty but not the origins: lack of investment, an unhealthy work force, and a shortage of well-trained local entrepreneurs. Interventions to promote private sector growth are few and far between, and people who manage to emerge from acute poverty are faced with a dearth of opportunities to create a self-sufficient and prosperous life.
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Rwanda Ventures (RV) is a Kigali-based company focused on modernizing the dairy value chain in order to tackle each of the factors listed above by building companies - in cooperation with farmers and dairy processors – that will increase the quality and availability of raw milk and dairy products. RV’s goal is to launch efficient, sustainable, complementary businesses – increasing net incomes of dairy farmers, building local capacity to increase productivity, and lowering the price of dairy products to consumers so that they can benefit from the nutritional value of fresh milk. 
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