Projects Overview

Poor health is both a cause and effect of extreme poverty, and lasting economic growth cannot occur in a population that lacks basic health care.

RW improves health care in Rwanda in three primary ways:

  1. Constructs New Health Centers: RW builds model health centers in areas where health care facilities do not exist.
  2. Improves Physical Infrastructure: RW makes targeted infrastructure improvements at health centers to ensure that they have basic necessities such as running water and electricity.
  3. Strengthens Health Management:  RW works with Health Builders to provide management expertise at the health center level, thus establishing strong health systems and ensuring that the facilities thrive and are economically viable.

RW mobilizes funds to build new model health centers and implement targeted infrastructure improvements to upgrade existing facilities. To date, RW has overseen the construction of five new state-of-the-art health centers. We seek to build more health centers in the coming years that will be models for high-quality health services and training.

In collaboration with Health Builders, an organization that has a proven track record of improving health care delivery in Rwanda’s poorest regions, RW focuses on developing strong and self-sustaining management systems at these health facilities.

With a combined focus on health and sustainability and the recognition that prosperity is only possible in a healthy society, RW is uniquely positioned to meet the ambitious challenge of creating a healthy, productive population, thereby helping Rwanda reach its goal of becoming a middle-income country.