What We Do

Rwanda Works (RW) builds critical health infrastructure where it is needed most, from the bricks and mortar of health center construction to the sustainability and efficiency of health systems management.

Rwanda has made extraordinary strides in public health in the last several years, boasting some of the strongest health outcomes on the African continent. However, there are still massive gaps in the public health system: Many rural health centers lack the facilities, skilled personnel, and management systems needed to provide the most basic medical services.

RW builds new health centers and ensures that existing facilities in Rwanda have the fundamental components they need to function, including fully stocked pharmacies and consistent supplies of electricity and running water. Recognizing that many health and development projects are implemented with intensive outside assistance and stand virtually no chance of sustainability, RW takes a unique approach.

We operate within a true partnership with the Government of Rwanda: While RW catalyzes resources to build new health centers, the Government furnishes, equips and staffs the facilities—a public/private collaboration without precedent in Rwanda. RW also collaborates with Health Builders to provide management oversight at health centers. Health Builders supports health centers with intensive management technical assistance through training and mentoring in a set of specified management domains.

To date, RW has overseen the construction of five new health centers. Together, these four centers will serve over 125,000 people who previously had severely limited access to quality health care.

RW was founded by Dr. Josh Ruxin, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Public Health at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and the Founder and Director of Health Builders.